As mentioned above, Safar Pay helps people to easily assess the banking transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and also transfer money from their comfortable place. It means people do not need to visit physically to the bank for making any of these transactions. To ensure the safety and security of all the transactions there are numerous things checked upon. Let us read some of them.

AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)

The transactions which take place through Safar Pay Retailer network are secure and safe as it helps their client in using their Aadhar card that is linked with their bank accounts. With the help of the same, people can easily access their banking transactions such as deposit money, withdrawal of the same, or transfer the same. For completion of this transaction, it requires a Biometric scanner that is provided with all the Retailer at a customer service point of Safar Pay. It means that all the transactions that are made through Safar Pay Retailer Network are secured with AePS i.e. Aadhar enabled Payment System.

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Aadhar Pay

With the help of Aadhar Pay by Safar Pay, a Cashless payment system can be possible. The Retailer takes the Aadhar number and the biometric scanner from their clients and accepts the payment. This payment system is considered as fast as well as secure. It makes the clients as well as Retailer free from daily cash management troubles.

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